When our custom home builders design your dream home, it all starts with a process.

A process that never fails to satisfy. With computer-aided design (CAD), we can visualise your home – in three dimensions – even before the first timber goes up.

Finished-Home Visualisation through CAD


When we use CAD to design your home, we can add every amenity you’re after, on screen. This enables you to get a three dimensional sense of the design and layout of all the spaces involved. If we need to change the floor plan to make it flow better or to construct a more efficient space, we make these suggestions at this stage. So you are able to see how our suggestions can actually work to open up space and provide more freedom of movement.

Our custom CAD designs come with all of the specifications. This enables us to show you all the details that will go into creating your home; which means you get to see the finished product before we even pour the foundation!


Better Communication

3D computer-aided design makes for better communication because it helps us clarify your expectations at the very beginning. You get to see what your home will look like on screen, without knowing all the technical terminology. This gives you the opportunity to fine tune any of the details at the outset with the assurance that there won’t be any unforeseen suprises once the changes are implemented and your home is built.

Accurate Quotes

Our 3D home designs enable us provide you with a more accurate estimate than would be possible with a simple blueprint. With the 3D design, we are able to order only as much material as we need, which translates into a more accurate estimate. As well as less unexpected costs for you.

Additions & Renovations

You know the feeling — you love the suburb and street you’re in; the neighbours are great; everything you need is close by. But somehow your home doesn’t seem to tick all the boxes like it once used to. Perhaps you need some more space for living or entertainment. Perhaps the ensuite needs an upgrade. Or maybe the kitchen needs some work done to it. Whatever be the case, making some additions or renovations to your existing residence could help you fall in love with your home all over again!

Being experienced builders we’re in a great position to help you make these additions and renovations in a manner that is cost-effective, with the least amount of stress to you and your family. Talk to us today to see how we can help you modify your home so that it continues to be the address of your dreams.

Experience and Knowledge in Custom Buildings

With more than 15 years designing and building luxury custom homes, we have the experience and knowledge to deliver exactly to your expectations. When you step into a Steve Gibson home, you will feel as if you’ve already been there for a lifetime. Because what we deliver fits your lifestyle and needs perfectly.

Limited Focus, Unparalleled Quality


We’re a quality home builder. That means we focus on your needs – delivering a personalised home with top-of-the-line materials and finishes.

Our years of experience has acquainted us with leading architects, custom suppliers, and talented designers. These close relationships allow us to seek out only the best quality materials and workmanship for every home we build.

At Steve Gibson Homes, we limit the number of homes we build, but pour our hearts into every building we create. That allows us to add the depth of detail that turns a house into a dream home.

Your journey to a customised home starts with a single phone call. To realise your dream with a building process you can trust, call Steve Gibson Homes today.



“My objective is to deliver a wonderful home for your family. I’d love to take you through all aspects of the building process, including costs and timelines, so you have a great experience. I look forward to meeting you soon!”

Steve Gibson