Across Adelaide’s foothills and coastal regions there are often pockets of land that can, when properly imagined, provide a foundation for an extraordinary residence with unparalleled views over the Adelaide Plains or overlooking a stunning coastal vista.

Frequently though, it will be an odd shape, or more often, a sloping block with gradient that automatically rules out many South Australian builders.And while there are builders around that say they can take on the challenge of building on a sloping block, few have the expertise and experience needed to do exactly that.

At Steve Gibson Homes, we revel in building on a sloping block. We know that these type of blocks provide an opportunity to create a spectacular home.More importantly, we have the runs on the board when it comes to building not only on sloping blocks, but also stunning, award-winning homes of unsurpassed quality.If you’ve got your eye on a particular piece of land with a gradient, there are all sorts of issues we take into account before we even pick up a hammer.Planning is the key



Consideration is given to things like:

  • Block access and contingencies if there are wet weather issues or if the block is hard to get to
  • The logistics of getting heavy machinery and specialist equipment ovn site including local traffic management
  • Detailed surveying with levels and accessible reference points well marked to aid in construction
  • Proper planning for site services such as stormwater, sewage, gas, electricity, and internet connection to the property
  • Specialist engineering requirements including any specialist foundations, re-taining walls, and unique steel form work
  • Arranging and ensuring there are specialist tradespeople available who are comfortable and experienced in this kind of work
  • Ensuring thee is ongoing consultation between builder, architect, and the engineer
  • Making on-the-spot decisions that can immediately be ratified by both the architect and engineer without costly implications
  • Site difficulties, conditions and management
  • Client management.

Steve Gibson Homes works with specialist architects and engineers to get the best out of your sloping block to ensure your home highlights the features of your property, and that your home is designed in-simpatico with its natural sur-roundings.

We also ensure only the highest quality by using top-of-the-line materials and finishes, and providing a level of detail other builders can only dream about.Steve Gibson has been building beautiful homes on all kinds of block for over 20 years, so you can be sure your getting the expertise and experience of one of Adelaide’s best build-ers with a level of customer service second to none.

If you’re thinking of building, and the idea of a sloping block adds to the appeal, give Steve Gibson a call on 0414 660 186 and discover how a sloping block can be used to create a magnificent home.