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Why choose Steve Gibson Homes?

For many years, computer-aided design (CAD) has been an essential part of the building market. With the use of this technology, designs can be improved significantly in quality. While a lot of people like to purchase ready-made houses, there are still many who prefer to have their dream home designed and developed from scratch. For these people, CAD engineering services like ours are extremely popular, as they can produce three dimensional designs, helping the home-builder and home-owner get a better understanding of what their property will look once it is complete.

Expert CAD designs come with all the specifications that the builder will want to check on any blueprint they work with. With a 3D design, you will certainly have minimal problems communicating with your building company. You can also easily share your design with family and friends and ask for their input!

Here are just a few reasons to have Steve Gibson Homes make a 3D design for your building plan:

  • Better Visualisation.

With a 3D design of your dream house, you can show your contractors exactly what you want. You can see exactly what you are getting, rather than looking at a flat blueprint and having to imagine it. If you are unhappy with the way any of the features look in your future home, you can have the designer fine-tune the design to your exact preferences.

  • Avoid Mistake due to Miscommunication.

With a 3D design of your home, you can be truly clear and precise in explaining your requirements to your builders. There will be no concerns surrounding whether you have miscommunicated or been misunderstood. Possible mistakes are eliminated!

  • Accurate Quotes on Required Materials.

With a 3D home design, you will be able to get a much more accurate estimate for the amount of materials that will be required for building. While your designer is making your design, you can ask for a quote on the materials that will be needed.

At Steve Gibson Homes, we are dedicated to giving our customers what they want. Using the latest in software and technology, we can work with you to create your dream home!